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Artisan Jewelry Designers

Hand Crafted Silver, Gold, Gemstone Jewelry
by Jocelyn Hoch and Forrest Shafer

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Hand Carved and Forged


Silver - Gold - Gemstones

Recent Jewelry Designs

Presented here are a few recent pieces in silver and gold, selected from our collection of hundreds of original designs handforged and set with semi-precious gemstones.

Please contact us for
ordering information.

(610) 621-0401

alexandrite ring

ametrine pendant

Art Show Schedule

silver and gold orchid boulder opal, gold pendant

Custom Design Inquiries and
Commissions Orders Welcome

opal pendant coral druze, silver and gold hand wrought pendant

Artists Mission

ruby ring in silver with 24K gold heart embellishments silver orchid with gold details, ruby gemstone




silver motion

silver in motion large neck pendant

  silver motion pendant 3 silver pendant

Please contact us for information about custom designs, or visit ebb & flow creations at an upcoming fine arts show
in the Northeastern US.

peridot gemstone, silver pendant blue topaz pendant


Art Show Schedule

peridot gemstone pendant blue topaz
  topaz pendant trio heart shaped leaves, hand wrought silver
  whale tail silver pendant © copyright ebb and flow jewelry