GRAPHIC: ebb and flow spiritual and healing jewelry designers

Handcrafted Silver and Gold Jewelry

designed and crafted by

Jocelyn Hoch and Forrest Shafer

Unique Art Jewelry

Original Designs


Unique Handcrafted Designs

Ebb & Flow energy designs enhance natural unique characteristics
and inherent qualities of crystals, gemstones
or objects from nature such as fossils.

Each ebb & flow design piece is a unique work of wearable art, designed, carved, mounted and hand finished. The jewelry designs on this web site represent only a few of the hundreds of pieces in private collections or galleries.

Nothing is produced by high volume commercial manufacturers - your ebb & flow creation is a wearable work of spiritually inspired art that is truly unique and is infused with natural energy from its materials and artistic creation process.

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aquamarine with silver hand forged one of a kind silver pendant by ebb & flow creations, jocelyn s. hoch

opal silver and gold pendant

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